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ABS injection molding example
ABS Injection Molding

ABS Injection Molding for Unique Strength and Durability

ABS injection molding is widely used when applications require aesthetics, toughness, and stability. One of the engineering-grade materials that are in the thermoplastic class, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, can be reprocessed after an initial heat cycle without chemical change occurring during the first heating process. This uniqueness produces greater flexibility, strength, and durable finishes with customizable textures than other materials. Interested in using this material for your project? Request a quote to get pricing.

What is ABS plastic?

ABS plastic is a versatile and durable thermoplastic polymer known for its high impact resistance and toughness. Used in everything from toys to automotive parts, ABS is a go-to material for manufacturers looking for a strong and reliable plastic solution.

What are the benefits of using ABS plastic?

ABS plastic molding produces parts that are stronger than pure polystyrene. Additionally, ABS plastic:

  • Is lower-cost than most other injection molding materials

  • Withstands chemicals and electrical currents

  • Demonstrates dimensional stability

  • Provides impact strength and durability

  • May include additives which allow for higher heat resistance

  • Includes outstanding coloration and finished textural options

  • Maintains scratch resistance

  • Exhibits a shiny, protective finish

  • Carries FDA approval

What is ABS plastic used for?

Many common industrial applications utilize ABS plastic molding for finished pieces. The cost-effectiveness, light material weight, and attractive finish can be found in:

  • Electronic enclosures

  • Protective carrying cases

  • Protective headgear

  • Plastic musical instruments

  • Small kitchen appliances

  • Computer keyboards and keycaps

  • Plastic toys, including common building blocks

What industries use ABS plastic?

One of the most commonly used and preferred engineered materials, our work with ABS molding is found across many industries, including:

  • Housing

  • Energy

  • Marine

  • Transportation

What are the limitations of ABS plastic?

Although a commonly used material with benefits for many applications, ABS plastic has limitations. It can weaken and become brittle with prolonged sunlight UV exposure, and certain substances can also negatively impact the engineered material.

Whether ABS molding meets your needs or another material is a better choice, our expertise across many industries and applications can guide your material selection.

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