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Your Industry Is Our Success

As a Plastic Injection Molding Company, We Meet the Demands of Each Customer with Quality and Innovation.

Your industry and your business include special requirements and demands, and our capabilities are up to the challenges. From the exacting standards of energy to the long-lasting performance needs of construction, our industry-specific expertise, innovation, and commitment to quality are found in the industries highlighted below.

Energy Plastics

The wide-ranging segments comprising the energy industry require responsiveness and quality. Our work within this space includes:

  • Bearing seals that are tough enough to withstand the harsh environments of mining

  • Seals that withstand the demands involved in the fracking process

  • Wire clips, bearings, and other equipment for longer-lasting, energy-efficient operations in the solar and wind sector.

Consumer Goods Plastics

In the world of consumer goods, aesthetics and function matter. Our molding and overmolding capabilities combine beauty and usefulness in many consumer products, including:

  • Tape dispensers

  • Drawers in major appliances

  • Bath products

  • Point-of-purchase displays

  • Tools

Medical Plastics

The medical industry relies on tight tolerances and long-lasting performance standards. Our quality and attention to detail enable us to provide:

  • Plastic injection molding for medical parts

  • Non-implantable medical devices

  • Instruments

  • Vials for lab equipment

  • Moving parts for carts

Although we do not perform clean room injection services, in every case, our medical injection molding solutions offer the reliability and quality required by this industry.

Construction Plastics

For decades, our plastic injection molding solutions have withstood the harsh elements of the construction industry. Our applications for this demanding industry include:

  • Corrosion resistant plumbing fittings

  • Precision tube fittings

  • Long-lasting drainage parts

  • Durable concrete accessories

  • Lawn and garden equipment

Industrial Plastics

Our wide-ranging capabilities suit the heavy performance and high-quality demands of industry. We meet the long- and short-run demands for industrial applications, including:

  • Housings

  • Electrical enclosures

  • Seals

  • Water softeners

  • Foodservice applications

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