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Molding Dynamics Blog

Hear from our plastic injection molding experts to learn more about best practices, job opportunities and industry trends.


A Guide to Plastic Injection Molding

Learn about the injection molding process, materials, and use cases in our guide to plastic injection molding.
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Reshoring in Plastic Injection Molding: Bringing Manufacturing Back Home

The benefits of reshoring, and why many companies find it cost-effective to return projects to domestic manufacturers in injection molding and beyond.
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Injection Molding Maintenance Technician Fixing Machine

Decoding the Role of a Maintenance Technician in Plastic Injection Molding

A look at the qualifications and rewarding potential of working as a maintenance technician in the plastic injection molding industry.
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Injection Molding Machine in a US-based Company

How Much Does Injection Molding Cost? The Complete Guide

A guide to the key factors driving injection molding costs and how to avoid needlessly inflating the cost of your project.
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Worker at an Injection Molding Machine Making Parts

3 Reasons to Choose a Career in Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding jobs are at high demand. Read more about why these manufacturing positions are on the rise and how you can apply to start your career.
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Female Molding Dynamics Press Operator At Her Machine Working

What is a Press Operator? Pursuing a Career in Plastics

Learn about the skills, responsibilities, and transferable opportunities available when you pursue a career as a press operator. Apply today!
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woman plastic injection molding worker at a machine

The Types of Injection Molding Jobs | Which is Best For You?

Learn about the different types of injection molding jobs and find out which one is best for your skillset. Apply for an injection molding job today!
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