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Plastic Injection Molding Is More Than Just Production To Us

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Our Highly-Skilled Team Will Exceed Your Plastic Molding Expectations.

From engineering to operations through delivery, you can count on our experts and our proven processes for exceptional plastic injection molding results.

Plastic Molding Manufacturing For Every Job

When your injection molding solution depends on precision and quality, you can depend on us.

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Our customers in many industries across the United States and around the world have come to us since 2002 for plastic injection molding solutions that exceed their expectations. Our highly skilled and experienced professionals specialize in engineering grade resins for parts that meet your requirements through an array of plastic injection molding capabilities.

We believe cost savings and quality co-exist and as a result, do not sacrifice one for the other. Our proven process starts before a piece is molded - from day one we work with our customers to ensure we’re on the path to finding an optimal solution. Our early steps include:

  • Design for manufacturing

  • Tooling options

  • Materials selection

As an ISO compliant company, we fully adhere to ISO processes and procedures and maintain a fully equipped Quality Assurance Department. We are proud of our heritage, our employees, and the investments we make in our business and our industry.

Capabilities and Value-Added Services You Can Count On

From plastic injection molding to overmolding, our capabilities are executed with precision and the highest standard of quality.


We bring your products back home through reshoring, all while ensuring a faster turnaround time, higher-quality products, and overall cost savings.


We work with a full range of engineering grade resins to create high-quality products as well as commodity resins for cost savings. It all depends on what is the best fit for your application.


We use the best materials and proven processes during our plastic injection molding projects.


We provide many value-added services, including project management, chrome plating, tooling transfers, pad printing, sonic welding, assembly, and more.


We produce custom molded plastics that match your exact design specifications, and our experts will help you distinguish which molding process is best for your project. Another process may be a better fit for your project. We will make sure you are headed down the right path for your project. We are here to help!

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Custom injection molding that produces the quality you need when you need it.


Industries We Serve

Our commitment to quality and delivery meets the demands of many industries.


Coal, fracking, wind and solar segments require responsiveness and precision.


Consumer goods demand visual appeal and durability.


Meeting the critical requirements of the medical industry.


Plastic injection molding parts made to withstand the elements.


Plastic injection molding across a wide range of industrial applications.

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Our Custom Molded Parts Have a Place in Your Industry.

We deliver the precision, quality and timeliness your business demands.

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