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Injection molding machine for custom project
We Solve Plastic Injection Molding Challenges

Customers Rely On Our Experience, Quality, and Innovation to Address Their Most Challenging Plastic Injection Molding Projects 

As a complete custom plastic injection molding supplier and plastic parts manufacturer serving many industries, our capabilities include working with customers from initial contact to delivery and service. Our proven process differentiates us among plastic molding manufacturers. Our collaboration includes design phase, material selection, production, and value-added services to reduce cost and increase efficiency without sacrificing quality. We serve a wide base of industries and our customers, including those with the most complex injection molding needs, value our commitment to finding the custom solution for their demanding applications.

Decreasing Cost and Increasing Efficiency

Company Description: Worldwide leading manufacturer of drainage products for a variety of industries and applications.

Product: Linear and Square Drains

Product Description: Artistic shower drains for commercial and residential remodel and new construction.

Product Type: New styles added to existing product line

Sales Channel: Big-box retail (e.g., Lowe’s Home Improvement), commercial sales

Project Overview: Big-box retailers approached our customer to carry their line of products. The customer needed to differentiate their current product offering in a lower cost version for retail sales. We worked with the customer through the design phase to decrease molding and tooling costs. To help defer costs more, we took over the packaging and assembly of the product, including sealing clamshells with all of the artwork around the fully assembled product to make the product ready for retail sales.

Keys to Winning the Business: We were chosen to manufacture all 12 SKU’s in the customer’s retail line. We were chosen based on our willingness to work with the customer to reduce costs in both molding and tooling from the design phase through final packaging, our sense of urgency, and our commitment to timeliness.

Replacing Metal With Plastic for Cost Savings

Company Description: Stinger Tees, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio, manufacturers golf accessories, including the popular Stinger Golf Tees, used around the world by amateur and professional golfers.

Product: Divot Devil™ ball mark repair tool

Product Description: Revolutionary ball mark repair tool used in the golf industry.  

Product Type: New product

Sales Channel: Golf stores (e.g., Dick’s Sporting Goods), web sales

Project Overview: When the concept prototype was brought to us, it was made out of all stainless steel parts. During our initial "design for manufacturing" consultations, we determined that plastic was more cost-effective and drew a design with an assembly of four plastic parts with the wire form “forks” being over-molded. The part needed to feel substantial, cost-effective manufacturing and display a classic look to fit the target market. Knowing there would be a short initial product run with minimal sales to keep cost down, a plan was developed. Initially, we made a “family” mold (all four parts in one mold), and as sales increase, we will design separate molds to handle larger production runs.  

We minimize time and handling by assembling the components during the cycle as the parts come off the press. We purchased equipment to seal the card stock and PVC blister to box and ship, and a station is located near the press to complete the packaging process.

Keys to Winning the Business: Providing an affordable mold and piece price for the customer was the key to this project’s success. With multiple mold maker options, we chose a supplier to fit the customer’s budget and time to market constraints.     

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