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Plastic Injection Molding Quality Engineering

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Quality Engineer Job Description

The plastic injection molding Quality Engineer at Molding Dynamics has a lead role in the ongoing development and implementation of our quality procedures and processes. They oversee, provide support and leadership on all quality measures and are responsible for maintaining high quality levels. 

Why Choose Molding Dynamics for Your Plastic Injection Molding Quality Engineering Career

Molding Dynamics is located just outside of Cleveland in Bedford, OH. As a plastic injection molding supplier, we provide innovative ideas and solutions, build trust and loyalty with our customers and our employees, and offer unparalleled customer service, engineering, and design services. We provide the training you need to do your job well. 

In addition, you'll work in a clean, safe environment. We offer:

  • Fair pay

  • Benefit programs that evolve with you

  • 401K program with company matching

  • Paid vacation and holidays

  • Promotional opportunities


Plastic Injection Molding Quality Engineering Roles and Responsibilities

The quality engineer has several roles and responsibilities including proactive quality measures, effective communication, and mentoring production staff. 

At Molding Dynamics, quality engineers roles can include: 

  • Maintain and continue to develop, document and implement molding quality assurance standards and review processes

  • Implement proactive and reactive quality measures and processes for cost reduction, quality improvement and efficiency

  • Investigate and remedy all production and quality issues within a timely manner

  • Manage quality-related customer relations to completion

  • Effectively communicate with other departments, team members, and between shifts

  • Train, mentor, and motivate quality & production staff to excel in their careers

  • Perform all other duties assigned 

Plastic Injection Molding Quality Engineer Job Requirements

Quality engineers should have experience in a related quality role, leadership abilities, and excellent problem solving. 

At Molding Dynamics, the ideal quality engineer candidate would have the following experience:

  • Minimum 5 years of prior related work experience in a quality role

  • Previous experience in plastic injection molding preferred

  • Strong leadership skills

  • Excellent problem solving skills with attention to detail

  • Strong math, computer, and communication skills

  • Physical ability to stand for extended periods of time, occasionally lifting 50 lbs, etc. 

Injection Molding Quality Engineer Salary & Compensation

Molding Dynamics is committed to providing competitive salaries, benefits, and compensation for qualified quality engineer candidates. 

The quality engineer salary and compensation package includes:

  • Competitive pay commensurate with experience

  • Health care

  • 401K with company matching

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