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About Chuck Connors

Chuck Connors

Chuck Connors has been immersed in the world of plastics since his youth, often spending time at his father's injection molding company. This early exposure ignited a passion that led him to gain hands-on experience through summer jobs in high school, learning the intricacies of the manufacturing process. He further honed his expertise by earning a BBA in finance and economics from Cleveland State University, while simultaneously continuing his involvement in the family business.

A defining moment arrived when Chuck's father's health required him to step up and manage the company. This pivotal experience not only solidified his leadership skills but also equipped him with invaluable real-world knowledge of the injection molding industry. After graduating, Chuck formulated a growth plan for the family business, but divergent visions led him to forge his own path. In 2002, leveraging his father's plant capacity, he established his own plastic injection molding manufacturing company, where he has since thrived as a custom plastic injection molding manufacturer and a partner to his many customers.

Driven by a commitment to continuous improvement, Chuck constantly seeks to expand his knowledge and skills. He embraces challenges as opportunities for growth and leads a team he deeply respects. With an unwavering "can-do" attitude and a positive outlook, Chuck steers his company towards continued success, solidifying his reputation as a prominent figure in the injection molding industry.

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